By Dave Ceddia

The intersection of Fun, Popular, In Demand, and New Skills

How do you learn a new technology? Like what steps do you follow? Our tech world is moving at a fast pace, with new stuff coming every day. How do you keep track of it and build up your knowledge about stuff?

Keeping up with the web development world is like drinking from the proverbial firehose. There’s a ton of new stuff coming out constantly, and the landscape is always shifting.

You can think of this in 3 phases:

  • Being aware of what’s out there
  • Choosing what to learn
  • Learning it

Keeping Up With The Latest Tech

You can keep a pulse on what’s going on by signing up for newsletters, following interesting people on Twitter, watching relevant subs on Reddit, and keeping an eye on Hacker News, Medium articles, etc. Most popular blog posts pass through one or more of these places.

Disclaimer: When I say “keeping up” and “keeping a pulse on things,” I just mean at a cursory level – maintaining an idea of what’s available, what’s popular, how opinions are changing. I do not mean actually learning all of this stuff as soon as it becomes noteworthy. We’ll talk about learning in a bit.


There are a lot of newsletters. Here are a few that I subscribe to.

These come once per week, and they roll up all the latest good blog articles + news into one handy email (or 6), usually with summaries. I tend to scan these and just click into the things that sound interesting, rather than trying to go all depth-first-seach on the things.


Lots of interesting people are on Twitter, writing about React + frontend stuff. Rather than list a bunch of them individually I’ll refer you to these lists:


There are a handful of subreddits I look to for new and interesting things:

  • r/reactjs – There’s a great “Beginner’s Thread” at the top if you want to ask questions.
  • r/webdev – General web development questions + articles, not just React.
  • r/javascript – Similar stuff to r/webdev. The crowd is a bit less friendly.

Other Places

None of these are specific to React or frontend development, but they’re generally technology-focused or have a high concentration of tech-focused articles.

  • Hacker News
  • – Big friendly community. Not a link aggregator like Reddit; articles are written on the site itself. It’s easy to contribute articles too!
  • Lobsters – General technology posts. …read more

    Read more here::


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