Siema is a lightweight carousel plugin with no dependencies and no styling. Built by Paweł Grzybek

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Progressive Web AMPs

Paul Bakaus shows the power of combining the ideas of Accelerated Mobile Pages with Progressive Web Apps.

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Server Side React

Remy Sharp decided to give React a go and used it for server side rendering. Read about his insights.

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React-instantsearch is a set of widgets and connectors to add instant-search experiences in your React application, using Algolia search engine.

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A new kind of community that aims to embrace diversity and simplicity.

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Mobirise Icons

A free, open source set of 124 elegant, pixel-perfect icons from Mobirise Builder.

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The State of Babel

A very interesting article on the current state of Babel, the powerful JavaScript tooling suite. By Henry Zhu.

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From Our Blog

Interactive Musical Instruments

Experimental ideas for playful musical interactions powered by MIDI.js and the Web Audio API. Play instruments or make sounds by interacting with content.

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Collective #271 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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Read more here:: codrops-collective

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