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Adobe Photoshop is a professional photo editing software that you can use to create beautiful artworks. Although it includes many useful features, you can always add more functionalities to expand its capabilities. For instance, you can add more brushes, install plugins and use actions. This article gathers a very useful collection of high-quality, free photo overlay brushes that you can use in various situations. Moreover, these can be downloaded with just a couple of clicks!

There are many situations when adding a photo overlay is the best solution to achieve stunning effects in a few easy steps. In this article, you will find lots of useful items such as brushes for rain, fog, bubbles, soft, sand, grunge, etc. Browse through these high-quality Photoshop brushes and see which ones you can use in your current projects, or, save them for future designs. These will definitely come in handy at some point.

Rain PS Brushes

Here yo have an excellent collection of 20 rain Photoshop brushes that are available at a high resolution of 2500px.

20 Fog PS Brushes

This is a great pack that contains 20 fog brushes at a resolution of 2500px. These Adobe Photoshop brushes can be downloaded and used for free.

20 Fog PS Brushes vol.2

This is another wonderful compilation of fog brushes with different designs. You can quickly insert them into Photoshop and use in various projects.


20 Soft PS Brushes Vol.1

Download, insert and use these 20 Adobe Photoshop brushes to your upcoming projects. You can use them to give a soft look with a romantic effect.


20 Soft PS Brushes Vol.4

Here you have a great set of Adobe Photoshop brushes with a beautiful and soft design. These high-quality items can be downloaded and used for free at a 2500 px.


Free Bubble Photoshop Brushes 2

This is an amazing set of Photoshop brushes that you can quickly insert and use in your images. This pack includes 15 stunning bubble effect brushes which you can use for free.


20 Soft PS Brushes Vol.10

This is another set of high-resolution soft brushes that will definitely be useful in your future designs. These freebies are available at a resolution of 2500 px.


20 Soft PS Brushes Vol.12

Here are other 20 Photoshop brushes with a soft design that you can use to add a little of romance and glamour to your images.


Sand Dust Scatter Ps Brushes

These 20 Adobe Photoshop sand dust brushes can be downloaded and used for free. You can use these high-resolution items in many situations for a stunning effect.


20 Human Skin PS Brushes Vol. 7

This is a great collection of Adobe Photoshop brushes that you can use to retouch portraits. These are high-quality brushes at 2500px with a variety of skin samples.


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